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they day that proved the austrians superiority about everything else.

If there ever might be a discussion about the superiority of that school it was proved right yesterday. We know that you just can one freedom or socialism. Yesterday it was voted pro ESM and well aboard in the US the Obamacare "disaster"

So there's not third way you can not have just a little socialism. Socialims starts with one intervention and upon it one has to pile up tens of others and soon you are just "intervening". The ESM ist just another credit expansion facility and we know how that ends also.

We were right and the others are just suckers.

Some of you follow this blog, And you can decide yourself. I'm in the end a Rothbardian and I think this shows in every entry. And you probably will see I'm coming from a liberal point of few with at least some minimal state. But as history has proved every minimal states grows bigger and more demanding. The US and Eurozone are but two examples. In the end they all collapse.