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Some new predictions
Or maybe it's just one. If you are interested in my other expectations. You can search for prediction in this blog. I'm not suprised that Mr FUD was re-elected. I expect the same (a re-election) next year for our Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. If the...
To two of our european politicians
In this case to Mr Sakozy and Mrs Merkel Whatever you do do bring more harm upon us. You are not the owner of the Europeans. Currently at least on wishes you really bad things. You are working on sinking even more money, you are working on establishing...
How I dislike politicians
Just another figure which can't be called anything but extreme. The G20 meeting has cost around 800 Million Dollar. Can't you believe that? 19 000 policemen for let's say 2000 deledefs (don't know the real figure) but let us assume there...