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Debts, debts, debts
Have you had enough horror the last few days? If not here we go again: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-03-21/global-financial-pyramid-scheme-numbers It goes without saying that the every Ponzi Scheme comes to an end, The most dangerous times are short...
If it wouldn't be so cruel
one could ROTFL. (TD till death ;() Really I posted that the central bank is not allowed to finance states. Well fact is the EZB has bought bond on the secondary markets. Well obviously for lawyers this makes a "big" difference. The economic...
It goes on and on
Yes the EU safety chute should get fixed. This time with "much" more hefty punishments. If a country does not do this or that then the get very high fines. (Might be interesting trying to fetch that fine if the country is bankrupt, but I guess...