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Just a small paragraph
Well I don't know if anyone has written it down better. But IMHO one thing holds: "There are two things all governmental "solutions" have in common: 1) they are the most expensive, most bureaucratic, most inefficient, of maximal stupidity...
New lows? Sure new lows !!
Well it seems the lows were not low enough 1) The USA growth was cut by 2/3 from the "experts" 2) The help for Greece is not enough the "saving" goals will not be reached 3) Gold climbs again but the Germans sell their Gold attire...
Without doubt
A lot of money vanished yesterday. I guess we're talking about values at or around 2-10 trillions. How will that be changed if the EZB has bought bonds from Italy and Spain at or around 5-6 billion? Without doubt, we can say also. Nothing has changed...