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Krugman's stupidity in just one Sentence:
Now that Italy, seems to be without "F├╝hrer". Krugman knows what do do about it all: Just print IOYs (they have the funky name Dollar in the US, and Euro in the EU) Anyway Central banks can print paper, but not wealth
Does reality hit back?
One may start wondering. Is it time that reality hits back? That money printing is a problem and not a cure? At least it seems so. In Germany the economy encounters troubles, the export oriented firms (we do have a lot of them) see that the other countries...
Where have all the bloggers gone?
What's going on. Where are the Mises Blogger? Since days there is not update from anyone but me? Do you have find the hidden value from Atla Shrugged? If yes, please tell me. I'd like to emigrate also There is s much new bad news our there, that...
The sorcerers stone was found
Money printing does not lead to inflation Oh yeah. And that from a country which has disappropriated all the private creditors and have ruined the middle class through high inflation. Am I impressed? You can bet.....
Look who is printing now
Obviously the ECB could not stand the misery of the FED alone. This poor guy, just think printing money will solve the problem caused by too much money. (too much cheap money indeed). And so the ECB in it's own mercy decided: "We print money...