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speculation the EU way
Well as written before the politician (sorry deledes) do blame he speculant. Well I wonder what this guys have done to envforce the EU and US to pile up debt as high as roughly around 25 000 000 000 000 US-$. How did they do it? I really want to know...
Investors be aware
If you invest in the EU or Euro zone be prepard to not just econimic hindrance, expect the worst from politicians. Think of taxes on investments and the like and you may not be suprised. If you feel contract have to be obeyed, then forget this as soon...
Much trouble ahead
Ok now it's "nearly" done the great Country Pontzi Scheme goes on. The EU will decide (whith high likliness) that 110 MRD new credits will be given to Greece. Germany alone has to "bear" 28 MRD. Interstingly enough the first number...