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It's (always) the economy, stupid!
The timing is odd. John McCain has suspended his campaign indefinitely to hammer (and sickle) out the current "economic crisis." Though I believe McCain should suspend his campaign definitely, a-la Mitt Romney, I offer little other disagreement...

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From the mouth of a wolf in sheep's clothing
There's much to be said about the current financial crisis. At the heart of this, as every Austrian knows, is the fault the US government holds for creating the current situation through its central bank and its inflationary policy. This fundamental...

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Today, ignorance; Tomorrow, education
Many people perhaps dream of an executive position in a wealthy, well-to-do business. To manage and direct people! to be the boss. But few people are. The reason should be obvious: it takes a certain kind of skill and talent to successfully direct the...

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Another Typical Superhero Movie
It seems Hollywood may take a few years to catch up to the message of Ron Paul. Below is my gist of the newest Hollywood blockbuster, the superhero movie Iron Man, in bullets. Here's a quick synopsis: The main character, Tony Stark, heads a successful...

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A proper gander at the FairTax
A recent debate topic on Facebook's Politics poll was whether you supported Mike Huckabee's FairTax plan. The FairTax is a splendid example for examining language and economics. Let's not mince words: The FairTax is not fair. It is an ugly...

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GG: Fifty years the prophet
To my delight! did I finally indulge in the literary wonder of Garet Garrett. My first selection: The People's Pottage ; specifically, The Revolution Was . What a joy it is to read Garrett's mastery of language, his figurations and metaphors,...

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