"He's a snake in the grass, I tell ya guys; he may look dumb but that's just a disguise; he's a mastermind in the ways of espionage." Charlie Daniels, "Uneasy Rider" William Anderson - TT's Lost in Tokyo

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Note to William Anderson: Limited liability is a key to understanding the Great American Ponzi scheme by TokyoTom

William Anderson (an adjunct scholar of the Mises Institute and economics prof. at Frostburg State University) has a thoughtful New Year's Day post , pointing out how Paul Krugman fails to understand the causes of ouir economic stagnation and financial...

Breaking the senseless impasse on ANWR and OCS exploration and development - a tax and rebate proposal by TokyoTom

It's long been obvious that: (1) government policy concerning the use of public lands is highly bureaucratized, often inept and subject to behind the scenes sweet deals favoring insiders; (2) discussions about how the public lands should be used often...