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Block/Huebert/Kinsella revisit corporations, beg Qs of grant of limited liability towards persons involuntarily injured and resulting fight to influence state action by TokyoTom

I left the following comment at a recent Mises Blog post by Stephan Kinsella , but the number of links included apparently triggered the spam filter and held up the comment. According, I post it here, so I can re-comment with a cross-link here. Stephan...

[Revised] Corporations, the state, limited liability and rent-seeking: Some criticisms of Huebert and Block's criticisms of Long by TokyoTom

[Update: Items 2 & 3 revised and an item 4 added.] J.H. Huebert and Walter Block have posted a critique of Roderick Long 's recent Cato essay . Allow me to make a few comments: 1. Huebert and Long argue that "There Is No Such Thing as Corporate...