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Crime: Entrepreneurial vs Wage Earner?

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RwnPaul posted on Fri, Nov 7 2008 4:40 PM



I am writing a senior thesis for Criminology and Criminal Justice. I am discussing the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle and its relevance to criminology. Empirical testing is required, so I am testing fluctuations in different types of crime during business cycles. The crimes to be tested should all be property crimes. How would you divide each crime between that committed by entrepreneurs or everyone else as laid out by the Austrian paradigm? Should I focus on white collar versus other types of crime? Corporate crime? So far I have looked at FBI data and deduced that during an economic fluctuation, crimes like prostitution, counter fitting, and embezzlement are entrepreneurial in nature. If anyone is interested in helping me out, but needs more specifics, please tell me and I will post parts of my methods section. This is highly open to change, so be critical!

Thank so much.

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