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  • Why is coercion bad?

    So I'm reading Ethics of Liberty , and Rothbard makes a distinction between freedom of choice and power or abundance of choice. If man is stranded on a deserted island, he has a completely unrestricted freedom of choice. Unfortunately, he doesn't have much of an abundance of choice: he can either...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by tunk on Sat, Nov 12 2011
  • Ron Paul is a Voluntaryist (video)

    In this video, using Ron Paul's own words from his books and interviews, it is shown that Ron Paul's goal is voluntaryism. He adopts limited-government positions and appeals to the U.S. Constitution as part of a long-term strategy for achieving a completely free society, absent any State.
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Graham Wright on Wed, Jul 20 2011
  • A Socio-biological perspective on politics and classical libertarian thought.

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post. i've written my ideas in essay form because other people are likely to read it and i don't like changing the introduction around. hope you enjoy and try at answering my questions. although i think the likely hood is that you will disagree with at least...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Cyther Lynx on Fri, Oct 8 2010
  • "Private option" for government?

    I know Ron Paul has mentioned support of this sort of proposal before, but I wasn't really able to find much else on this idea. Has there been any thought given to promotion of a "Private option" for government? That is, people voluntarily giving up their "protections" like police...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Marked on Fri, Apr 16 2010
  • Political Definitions

    I would be interested in seeing a post, blog, website, etc that is devoted to defining political terms. I was at a Tea Party where I saw signs calling Obama a communist, a socialist, and a fascist. Which sign was correct? All three? What about Bush, what would we classify him as? I believe there are...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Gary Halpin on Sat, Apr 18 2009
  • We Need To Edit Wikipedia

    I know this sounds like a dumb idea at first, but it's vital, due to the massive amounts of people, especially young people, that use the website for information. I've already edited the Panic of 1837 and the New Left wiki entries. In the example of hte Panic of 1837 website, we could possibly...
    Posted to General (Forum) by krazy kaju on Wed, Feb 25 2009
  • Re: Would a majority ever allow anarchy?

    Imo, no one approach should be embraced. Agorism should be utilized for it's counter-economic activity backed by an ideology that encourages the re-use of black& grey market activity, rather than using those markets to bolster the pink market (i.e. the mafia) & the fact that it is a relatively...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Nitroadict on Thu, Sep 18 2008
  • Re: What would austrian economists choose

    It doesn't promote anarchy per se; it's a bit more complex. In Liberalism, Mises himself wrote: We call the social apparatus of compulsion and coercion that induces people to abide by the rules of life in society, the state; the rules according to which the state proceeds, law; and the organs...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by nstenberg on Sun, Aug 24 2008
  • Private ownership of airspace?

    Just wondering, how would private ownership of airspace work? Could businesses and individuals just buy out tracts of airspace where they could fly their planes? Also, what impact would this have on pollution? Could individuals sue others for polluting their airspace? Would this really have an effect...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by krazy kaju on Sun, Apr 6 2008
  • Re: Libertarian 'white supremacists'?

    [quote user="Juan"][quote]We aren't anti-authoritarian[/quote] Excuse me ? Who is 'we' ? I am anti-authoritarian. You can 'shun' me and claim that you're a real libertarian and I am not, if that makes you happy (but not consistent...haha) [/quote] I think he's saying...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by krazy kaju on Sun, Apr 6 2008
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