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  • Re: Fractional Reserve Banking

    [quote user="Jonathan M. F. Catalán"] They actually do. Let's say that producer A sells an automobile for $1,000. The $1,000 in $_currency represents the automobile. In barter, the producer would have sold the automobile directly for another good that he or she was looking for. Money...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Wade on Sat, Aug 8 2009
  • Promoters vs Entrepreneurs

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give a clear distinction between the Misean idea of the "Promoter" and an Entrepreneur. Is there a real difference between these 2 are did Mises just dislike the term Entrepreneur and favour the term Promoter or did he mean more by the term Promoter than...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Lohengram on Sat, Jul 25 2009
  • Help with Mises' Economic Calculation Problem

    Hi guys, I have read Mises' book Socialism and I think I have a decent understanding of the Economic Calculation problem, but I am not an economist by trade. I am a computer geek learning economics. A friend (a Socialist) has posted a lengthy response to my request that he read Mises' paper....
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by dvdburns on Tue, Jul 14 2009
  • Irrationality & Rationality in Human Action Preferences

    In chapter V of human action, Mises attempts to expel the myth of irrational action under the concept of time. And I quote, "The attempt has been made to attain the notion of a nonrational action by this reasoning: If a is preferred to b and b to c, logically a should be preferred o c. But if actually...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Jeremiah Dyke on Sat, Jul 11 2009
  • Is a boycott praxologically unsound?

    You've touched on one of the most pressing issues with libertarianism in my opinion. That is to say, "Where do we go from here?". Do we 'use the market' and simply choose the best products at the best prices, thus supporting the most efficient (subsidised or no) businesses, or do...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Seandon Mooy on Mon, May 18 2009
  • Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle

    Hey, just a quick question... while I know Hayek and Mises both wrote at length on the topic, which work was consider the definitive text on the Business Cycle. Also, which book goes most into depth about Hayekian Triangles? Thanks in advance!
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by phaesed on Sun, May 10 2009
  • Criticism of Mises

    Are there any good critiques of Ludwig von Mises' life and work out there? I noticed the need in Wikipedia , where there's just one lousy piece digged out from some obscure book review. It shouldn't be just positive reviews or comments (which I'm sure can be found in heaps), but also...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Peter Sidor on Sat, Apr 4 2009
  • Does anyone have Hayek's (Or anyone's) writings on the industrial revolution?

    I have heard that he did some stuff on the quality of life prior to and during the industrial revolution. Essentially the idea is that the common perception of the industrial revolution as a time of worker exploitation and poor life quality is a myth and that in actuality it was a time of improved life...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Rabble159 on Sat, Mar 14 2009
  • Mises People | Let's group together and complain to news broadcasters about economy coverage!

    Here in the UK I've been watching the BBC and finding myself repeatedly shouting at the TV cause I feel they treat people like idiots. Same for most stations although Channel 4 does a better job. Watching news when I was in the U.S made me feel much the same way. In the U.K the BBC reacts to complaints...
    Posted to General (Forum) by seetheowl on Tue, Feb 10 2009
  • Nietzsche, Rand and Mises

    I know too many people believe that Nietzsche and Rand are incompatible with each other. And many other would say that Mises is a hardcore intellectual, while the other two are amateurs blessed by fame. My view is that Nietzsche provides an exquisite framework for the development of the individual, applying...
    Posted to General (Forum) by gussosa on Wed, Nov 19 2008
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