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J.K. Baltzersen

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Oil Kingdom of Norway
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IT professional. Occasional writer.

Amongst non-professional interests are history, economics, and political philosophy. Doubleplus ungood oldthinker.

I am a reactionary or restorative conservative and a free market, limited government, and traditionalist oriented paleomonarchist, with a strong interest in the Austrian School of Economics. And no, I do not have a particularly strong faith in modern constitutionalism's ability to provide limited government. I lament the rise of the modern, absolute State, in particular modern mass democracy with universal suffrage.

I am an associate editor of Farmann.

Involved in public speaking and debating activities. Holder of the titles 2007/2012 JCI World Debating Champion.

Born: Oslo, Norway
Grew up/raised: Oslo, Norway and Nairobi, Kenya

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