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  • Re: Dueling

    nibbler491: there's no possible way you can give your will to someone welse. you clearly have never met an obama supporter.
  • Re: Real Wealth: what exactly is it?

    My understanding is that real wealth is the things that remove your perceived uneasiness directly - a house for shelter, a stove to cook on, food to cook and eat. Your bow, either to hunt with for food or pleasure, or to use with your fiddle for personal...
  • Re: Where do you store your gold coins?

    Thedesolateone: nazgulnarsil: why people give an irrational creature power over half of their assets is beyond me. the only way I'll get married is if she's richer than I am. Are you saying that all women are irrational? [I fear the reductio ad...
    by Clayton
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