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  • Re: Confusion about Free Trade Argument

    tcostel: Importer A imports less because of the increased costs. Exporter B ends up making less money. Importer B therefore has less currency to buy from Exporter A with, so Exporter A makes less money. In conclusion, using tariffs to decrease imports...
  • Re: One Book High Schoolers Must Read

    If you mean any book: The Politics of Obedience by Etienne de la Boetie and The Law by Frederic Bastiat If you mean a history book: Rise and Decline of the State by Martin van Creveld If you mean a US history book, I don't have a recommendation, though...
    by Clayton
  • Re: Policy Debate step 1 - Convincing my partner

    I think you should either argue against the state or against public education - the two are each so dogmatically entrenched that to debate both of them at once is an Herculean task. With that in mind I think that for the public education debate you should...
  • Re: Wouldn't it be better to let the state fail on its own?

    @Jargon: I see it a bit more cynically. There is an age-old conflict between the Prince and the nobility. The nobility are "overhead" from the Prince's point-of-view... they retain a great deal of the wealth they steal from the masses in...
    by Clayton
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