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  • Re: How to determine demand in a socialist system

    Right. The baker counting how much bread people want doesn't answer the question of how much bread do they want considering the resources that must be diverted to produce the bread. That's the real question, right? What capital goods and land should be used to produce bread compared to other uses?
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, Jun 8 2010
  • Re: Destroying Your Statist Arguments

    I've argued with statists in too many comment threads to count. Mostly on as Rothbardosaurus. Mention that you're an an-cap, and someone immediately brings up the US interstate highway system. Yes, people inevitably bring up government built roads as if they've brilliantly found the flaw in your position.
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Thu, May 20 2010
  • Re: Books you will never see written

    Economics According to Marx, a graphic novel by Grayson Lilburne In Defense of Natural Law , by Liberté Let's Establish Government , a collection of essays by Lysander Spooner
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, May 18 2010
  • Re: Your opinion about the Hiroshima And Nagasaki bombings

    I think many of these anarchists are more suited to an extreme leftwing forum, than this. Well, many of us anarchists simply take the libertarian ideas to their logical conclusion. I will preface my arguments with emphasis on the anarchists as opposed to austrians. So you're placing "austrians" and "anarchists" in different groups
    Posted to History (Forum) by mhamlin on Wed, May 12 2010
  • Re: Video Games

    I also just saw a preview of Fallout: New Vegas. It looks like it will be terrific. Indeed. It's going to be fantastic. Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate 1&2, Arcanum, Fallout 1&2 are some of the greatest RPGs of all time. Indeed here, too. Arcanum is a hugely underrated game. I say that despite its many flaws. It also features one
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Sat, May 1 2010
  • Re: So?

    Moreover, I don't think accepting a "noble lie" will ultimately help liberalism at all. What if we call this lie a religion? Lies and unsubstantiated (and unsubstantiable) propositions are all the rage if you call 'em faith.
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Wed, Apr 28 2010
  • Re: Video Games

    More a Baldur's Gate or Ultima: Exodus person myself. Jap rpgs are just so wonky. Right on. Baldur's Gate II is one of my favorite RPGs.
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, Apr 27 2010
  • Re: Video Games

    Well, this is actually my business, being a video game programmer. I have to plug a game that I worked on that is coming out soon: Alpha Protocol. :) I'm really looking forward to Civilization V at the end of this year, personally.
    Posted to General (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, Apr 27 2010
  • Re: What do you all think of using this as a flyer?

    It would be exactly like telling a mobster he doesn't have authority to run his extortion ring. A barrel full of laughs.
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, Apr 27 2010
  • Re: What do you all think of using this as a flyer?

    Did you guys even read the expatriation case? The court ruled that even if you're not a national, you're still under the jurisdiction of the state you reside in. So you can renounce your nationality but you will still be bound by the law. You can go to court and tell them they don't have the authority to try you maybe you'll win. There's
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by mhamlin on Tue, Apr 27 2010
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