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  • Epistemology in History

    This post is the first in a series on the History of Epistemological Thought . Assertions and arguments regarding particular topics (for example, ethics, economics, physics, etc) all rest on an epistemology (whether explicitly or implicitly): that is, a theory of knowledge, truth, and falsity. Therefore, the first task of a thorough scholar is to make
    Posted to Lilburne @ Mises (Weblog) by Daniel James Sanchez on Sun, Jun 7 2009
  • First Post

    Dear Mises Community Members and Others, Through my blog Summa Anthropica , I will attempt to formulate, explicate, and apply my various theories, many of which are works in progress. I am working towards writing a treatise of man which, like this journal, will be called Summa Anthropica. My Plan I hope to come to a sound epistemology & philosophy
    Posted to Lilburne @ Mises (Weblog) by Daniel James Sanchez on Sat, Jun 6 2009
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