Taxes are patriotic?

Published Fri, Sep 19 2008 10:44 AM | duffmann808

Joe Biden says paying higher taxes is patriotic, here

Anyone who can explain to me how a presidential or vice-presidential candidate can think this, and get away with it wins nothing more than respect.  In addition to that, the justification offered was the profound thought that wealthier Americans paying more taxes was the patriotic thing to do.  He says that we can then give the money to the middle class Americans.  Following Biden's lead, we can assume that the need for this is derived by the middle-class deserving to get the taxes that others have paid, which begs another question...why?  If these people deserved more money they would have gotten it, that is how the system works.  You work for pay, and your pay is adjusted according to the skills, knowledge or proficiency that you can provide in doing that work.  Taking this money from the wealthy to give to the less so is a follow-up to the disturbing trend of the Democrat party to blatantly redistribute wealth.  This bothers me on many fronts, but most directly in the fact that these men(and women) are punishing success.  If you are a successful American, Joe Biden thinks that socialism deserves some of you spoils.  You have taken the steps, many of them uneasy, to get where you are and now Joe Biden thinks you should have to share what youve gotten with the rest of the class.  You did your homework, took the test and passed it, and now Joey B. is going to share the points you got with everybody.  If Americans want to look at the reason we are falling behind, it is because we are allowing less than our best.  Traditionally, we have been a country that strives for perfection, and despite its impossibility always trys to achieve it.  We dont settle for less than our best, but continue on and on and on, with that one goal in mind.  Whereas other countries set their sights low and tried to achieve attainable things, and were happy with such small glories, Americans strove for the impossible and went above and beyond what anyone thought possible, because we believe anything we set our minds to is possible.  If it werent for the innovative spirit of Americans, you would not be reading this blog post, and neither you nor I would be able to hold such free opinions(whatever they may be) as we do.  America is the greatest country on the Earth on the foundations of freedom and personal goal setting, and the minute we let it creep into our culture that everyone has to and should share, we have started a regression to the failures that befell many countries before us.

Joe Biden and Barry Obama think that everything works perfectly.  We can just take money from some people, and give it to other people and everyone will be happy and productive, and we will all be in love, and the financial markets will be perfect, and murder will be zero if we take away guns, and on and on  and on and on....  Does anyone on their campaign use their brain?  I know it is kind of a rhetorical question, but sometimes I wonder when I read the Socialist(capital S intentional) policy platforms that they advocate.  How can they reasonably expect the country to not flounder with the redistribution of everything?

The Democrats once again prove that they have no understanding of the economy, and that they have no true grasp on reality.  If we could live in a fantasy land like they advocate, it would be great, but there is no such fantasy world in real life, hence we call it FANTASY.  In the real world, things arent always perfect, and that is the great thing about free markets.  Free markets understand that markets are not and can not be perfect, and take this in to effect, but always with the understanding that if we leave the markets alone they will naturally go back to the way they ideally run.  It is a testament to this fact that the market still runs as effective as it does despite the socialism already perpetuated within it, and despite the fallacies tried and failed with in.  I only hope that someday soon we can start the revoultion that will reverse this trend of idiocy, ignorance and fallacy about how, why and when an economy works.


# Rob Harward said on September 19, 2008 12:32 PM:

Thanks for the article. His statement is misleading. Saying that paying more than others is patriotic in our Republic makes no sense. The US was founded on egalitarianism (equality) among other things. Americans should pay their fair share each (an equal percentage of earnings or, as in the country's beginning, according to the value of their property, perhaps?)

Joe Biden's comment does make sense if taken from the viewpoint of a Socialist. Government representatives of the Socialist state declare government redistribution of things as legitimate and even a social good. Therefore, paying taxes to redistribute wealth is patriotic in a Socialist state.

# Gauhar said on September 22, 2008 11:36 AM:

I do not subscribe to the idea of wealth redistribution. Taxes should be minimum, only enough for the government to facilitate the creation and operation of the market. Paying more taxes to further spread the Empire and strengthen the Military-industrial complex is unhelpful.