November 5th, Donation Day!

Donation Day, November 5th!

I had my trusty Nikon camera ready this morning after I made my latest donation to the Ron Paul campaign. I love that feature.

Anyway, it is just sort of surreal for me to have an Austrian economist running a competitive campaign for President.  I remember half a decade ago making Ron Paul for President bumper stickers and selling them to people ever so often on one of my Internet sites.  It's truly great to actually see him running for real.  

 Damn it feels good to be an Austrian.  I hope he raises millions today.  You can check to see how much he's raised here.

Blackwater: Now with Spooks for hire!

A logical extension of the mercenary's primary enterprise.  Now Blackwater employs for-hire spies.  The story is by Dana Hedgpeth.

Two analysts, whose names Total Intelligence Solutions would not release for security reasons, work at company headquarters in Ballston. A critic says the firm employs

Jag Bombs over Baghdad! Liquor stores return to Baghdad

The LA Times reports that liquor stores have returned to the war-torn town.  As a purveyor of wines and spirits myself, I have to say that I tip my hat to those brave souls who are providing the valuable service.  I'm not sure what Iraqi men & women drink, but I hope this is a sign that more secular forces are again rising to quench the demands of a thirsty public.

 Judging by this quote of this Iraqi construction worker, some are already developing a demand for a Baghdad chapter of AA: 

"The situation is now better than before -- I carry the alcohol in a black plastic bag and no one cares what I have in the plastic bag," the 47-year-old said. "I always drink, even at my work, at home at night, and even in the morning. I will never stop until the Judgment Day."

Dear Lord.  I guess as the saying goes, "you can't drink all day if you don't start at breakfast."

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Bernanke's Crow Dinner

Did you read Gary North's latest?   I love this guy.  North continues to expose Bernanke's pushing of strings and his new, growingly more apparent milieu of disintegrating policy options.

"There are far more reasons for the stock market to go down than up. The FED has shot its wad. It was a pellet gun fired at a charging elephant. Now the bears take over."

Take cover I guess.

Our "Get Some Freedom" Ron Paul Shirt gets props from Zazzle, Cafepress, and Ron Paulers.

 Get Some Freedom design

The response to one of our newest designs has been great.  I made it while in Fallbrook, CA visiting family before the fires swept the town. (Our thoughts and prayers go to you all.)

 So far internet retail giants and have featured the design and Ron Paul supporters all over the world have been swiping them up.  We'd like to thank both internet retailers for the exposure, and thank all the supporters out there for supporting us and Dr. Paul.

 We have a few more in the works. Smile

New Ron Paul design: 4 Ways to get out of Iraq

Just posted a new design on the store.  You can click on it to go to the store and check it out further. 

Ron Paul Iraq War design

 We designed this shirt for the huge contingent of military Ron Paul supporters out there that we hear from on a regular basis. I made the shirt specifically for guys like my brother in law, who spent a few tours in Iraq and now are strongly against the occupation. 

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Musharraf: We don't need no stinking constitution!

Pakistan is in turmoil?  You don't say!  Good thing the United States is in the region as a stabilizing force.  We're all surprised that a General that takes the country by coup might possibly suspend the rule of law when the legitimacy of his rule is called into question by the high court.  Yeah, right.

 Musharraf even had soldiers surround the homes of judges that are calling the BS October elections for what they are.  Par for the course.  Mushy has turned the lights out on freedom in Pakistan.  As if we thought he wouldn't.

George Bush sure has done a great job promoting democracy across the islamic region of the Middle East. 

More of the same from Iraq: $600 million Mega Bunker

Good Lord.  Check out this Vanity Fair article about the "$600 million massively fortified compound with 619 blast-resistant apartments and a food court fit for a shopping mall," paid for, of course, by you.

Mega Bunker in Iraq


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Great to see this feature on!

Boy, every few weeks the LvM Institute makes another change to innovate the message of liberty.  Kudos yet again!

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