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A Tribute to Leonard E. Read

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Chris K Posted: Sun, Sep 20 2009 7:41 PM

The following is an artistic tribute to one of the greatest writers and educator of economics, Leonard E. Read. While his work, "I, Pencil" is a masterpiece, I found myself lamenting the fact that many people probably would not pick it up and read it, largely because many people simply do not read anymore - a sad but true fact of our current society and culture. How could the magnitude and awe of the market that is so brilliantly displayed in the essay be translated into something visual? Could a peice of the essay and the power of the free market be translated into a single picture - something that anyone could see and be shocked into awe? Something that would cause the viewer to question and explore? The following is an attempt to extend the essay "I, Pencil" and hopefully cause more people to read this wonderful peice of literature. I am not an artist, and the peice is more of a technical, "book art" style. It seeks to capture the "family tree" of the pencil that is described in the essay, yet it is certainly done tongue-in-cheek. Just as a seemingly simple No. 2 pencil can't be mapped onto a flow chart, an entire economy can't be controlled!



3733.Leonard E Read Tribute.pdf

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"When you're young you worry about people stealing your ideas, when you're old you worry that they won't." - David Friedman
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tacoface replied on Sun, Sep 20 2009 10:50 PM

hahaha phenomenal

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