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Can I send in a book to

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SilentXtarian posted on Mon, Oct 5 2009 9:31 PM

I'm working on a book to help people get past the traditional way of looking at politics.  That is, I'm working on a book to help people get past this false illusory system of left and the right.  When I finish it... which probably won't be for a while could I send that to  I was wondering that since you can send your audio lectures and your audio books in if you could send your own written work too. 

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Mail the editor of this site, Mr. Jeffrey Tucker.

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I would like to hear more about how the left and right are illusions.

'Men do not change, they unmask themselves' - Germaine de Stael


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Is it okay if the book has somewhat of a conspiracyish slant to it?  I won't be going into the conspiracies like I thought I would at first.  I want to write just somewhat of an intro to lies and falsehoods of things said by politicians.  Maybe it would help wake some people up... but like I want to do an analysis of the MSM and that kind of thing.  Would that be an appropriate topic for

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I can understand why the Mises instiute may shy away a little from some of the things that conspiracy theorists and folk say, though Rothbard himself was fairly clear on the subject:

"When the King is far the people are happy."  Chinese proverb

For Alexander Zinoviev and the free market there is a shared delight:

"Where there are problems there is life."

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I was wondering the same thing. I could not find anywhere on the site that mentioned anything about getting things published by the Mises Institute.

I am currently finishing a book called Freedom to Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing, which I am trying to get published through a traditional avenue. If I am unsuccessful there, I will resort to self publishing.

I am beginning to lay the groundwork for a book tentatively titled God's Free Market: A Biblical Defense of Liberty and Capitalism, which I would ultimately like to get the Mises Institute to publish.

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