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Imperialist Interpersonel Relations

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Bank Run Posted: Sun, Jan 20 2008 5:08 AM

       I just don't find the causal relationship in using a system of aggresion in order to force on others a system of democracy. How many laws do they have to make before the enslaved masses start to ask for permission to do everythin'. Violent Pacification will not lead to a better kinder world. If you are not a total sadist than why would you encroach on this terrible means. The means of interventionism do not serve freedom.

     If it's found that one system is more benificial than another one must not continue the obsolescent production by terms of forced endearment, or faith. Recources must be naturally reallocated in a free, which will always be a more diverse, market.

Take the subjugation of the great empire you needy masses!  This is a public good that the kingdom makes you pay for with your labour, their militarism.

 However a policy of harmony can serve the liberty minded. I feel this a tragic war. I hope the public be persuaded, take off the rosey coloured shades of totalitarianism and positive law.  Let the light of laissez-faire serve as a beacon of freedom and gentle interpersonal relations.


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