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Electric Power Transmission: Public vs. Private

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Rusty Posted: Sat, Dec 4 2010 10:17 PM

I am a young professional working in the electric power industry. As with many industries there is extensive involvement of public governance for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power. I plan to spend my career in this industry and would love to understand the Mises Institute perspectives regarding:
- Infrastructure asset ownership/operation (I assume there are similar thoughts on highways, pipelines, canals, etc.)
- FERC/NERC regulatory bodies & policies
- Deregulation of electric utilities in the 90's
- State renewable energy standards (RES)
- An ideal for the electric power market structure
- A proposed transition from the current market structure to the ideal

I am brand new to these forums and would love any direction. Is there anyone affiliated with the Mises Institute who writes essays/books/blogs focused on the electric power industry?

Below is an article from a trade magazine discussing many of the influences the federal and regional governing bodies are having on the electric power markets. This article is what prompted me to seek out more information from Thanks in advance.

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Not sure if this is entirely what you're looking for, but this is a piece about entitled "The Myth of Natural Monopoly".

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