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Sukrit posted on Tue, Aug 16 2011 1:55 AM

Are there any publications available (for free) in Chinese? I'm trying to convert some Asian friends of mine. What about videos?

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I actually haven't seen anything in Chinese...which is kind of strange, since it is the most popular language in the world...and of course they could definitely use some AE.  The closes thing I know of is the Japanese Mises Institute.  I realize that probably doesn't help you at all, but since you were asking about foreign language info, I figured it may be helpful to someone at some point.  There is actually a worldwide Mises community that I don't think many people are aware of...

Mises global


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There are three links in Chinese listed here:

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FYI  - the webmaster of (that's me) lives in China.  There is an active group of us here  in Shanghai.

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