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prone2liberty Posted: Fri, Sep 30 2011 1:41 AM

Just stoppin by to see the community and its discussions. I have been browsing Mises for a few months now and have recently gotten into Austrian economics to compliment my anarchist leanings. G'day! 



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Autolykos replied on Fri, Sep 30 2011 6:20 AM


The keyboard is mightier than the gun.

Non parit potestas ipsius auctoritatem.

Voluntaryism Forum

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Welcome - where are you from?

The Voluntaryist Reader: Libertarian forums that actually work:
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Geographically speaking? Northwest United States

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Any questions so far?


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Most questions I try to answer myself via research but come to think of it I do have a couple questions. 

1. How many ways are supply side economics or the type of economics advocated by Friedman similar to the Austrian school? I know there are crucial differences philosophically speaking but where do they find similiarity? Seems to me supply siders say "Most taxation sucks!" where as Austrians say "To hell with it all!". I know Rothbard's anti statism would advocate that. What about the likes of Mises or Hayek? What were their views on taxation in general?

2. Is the Austrian school gaining popularity in the ivory tower acadamia? If not, for those who have studied economics in University, what specifically do they say about the Austrian school if/when it's brought up? I know of common criticisms of the Austrian school but just curious.



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