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Treatise against socialized medicine

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The Texas Trigger posted on Mon, Jun 4 2012 10:12 PM

Does anyone know where I can find an exhaustive treatise against socialized medicine, and one which discusses and contrasts an austrian, capitalist system of healthcare with the pre-obamacare american healthcare system and obamacare in particular? 

I have found a lot of articles, and remember coming across one a year or so ago that was quite extensive, but have failed to find a book on Mises media that discusses this topic exhaustively, covering many sub-topics, alternatives, and containing great detail. Most of what I have found is either topic-singular (i.e. vaccines, medical equipment, lines, etc.) or, on the other side, extremely vague (i.e. "socialized medicine is bad" or "American healthcare is not capitalist") in the realm of a Mises daily. Either way, not really what I am looking for.

I want the moral, economic, and praxeological explanations, and something that can really take me from throwing out common, vague, Austrian responses to making me somewhat knowledgeable on the specific topic of healthcare.

The topic of healthcare is simply way too common of a policy issue that people, even the politically apathetic, really seem to care about. It has proven to be an issue that is rather embarrassing for me, as my friends tend to think of me as a bit of a free-market go-to guy when they want to hear that opinion on a particular topic, or when they have friends that ardently disagree with the free-market opinion, and are looking to watch a fight for their entertainment.

Anyway, it is something that has bothered me lately. Hoped you all could help.

-The Texas Trigger       

"If men are not angels, then who shall run the state?" 

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I hear what you're asking for, but I'm not sure of anything in particular.  Mises does touch on health care in Socialism, but certainly not to the degree you're talking about.  But then again, I'm not completely sure it's the lessons applied in any analysis of socialism in general (about how the system is implausible and immoral, etc.) can quite easily be applied to any instance of it (like, say, in the health care industry).

And since you ask for "moral, economic, and praxeological explanations", I'd have to say Mises' treatise is probably the best you'll find.

I realize you said you've already found a lot of Mises Daily-type stuff, but I figured I'd go ahead and add this here:

Health Care resources


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Does socialised medicine mean forced vaccination? 

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