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Contact info for Mises Fellows

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The Texas Trigger Posted: Mon, Jun 11 2012 4:49 PM

alright guys, on several occasions I have tried to reach a few Mises Institute fellows in order to ask them some questions. I have not ever received a single reply, not even so much as a link to info that I am looking for. I dont think my questions are so ridicules that they warrant a non-reply from men that supposedly are quite good about replying to emails from people like me.

I must be using bad email addresses. I was hoping someone could post the contact info (email address only is fine) of each of the mises fellows if you know it.

The Texas Trigger 

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Have you seen this?

Senior Scholars, Faculty Members, and Staff

Could you post what email addresses you've tried so anyone else who wishes to help doesn't repeat the "bad email addresses"?


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Nielsio replied on Mon, Jun 11 2012 7:38 PM

You could try in the Austrian Economics Reddit for answers from fellow Austrian: .

There, I also organize ask-me-anything video sessions with scholars (and others):

Joseph Salerno is next up with making his answers-video: .

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