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"Capitalism has failed." - Cambridge Union Society

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TronCat posted on Mon, Oct 8 2012 1:51 PM

If you're interested, check it out. 

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Why, in the year 2012, does one post a video in 240p?

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Why, in the year 2012, does one post a video in 240p?

....because capitalism.

Where there is no property there is no justice; a proposition as certain as any demonstration in Euclid

Fools! not to see that what they madly desire would be a calamity to them as no hands but their own could bring

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Lolol, Cambridge is so behind the curve, Marx was saying this s*** centuries ago, it's about time they caught on.

At last those coming came and they never looked back With blinding stars in their eyes but all they saw was black...
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