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Cold Water dousing

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Kelvin Silva Posted: Mon, Dec 3 2012 11:59 PM

As i was looking to find ways to build up cold resistance i found a russian remedy technique called cold water dousing.

You basically dive into a near freezing like and get out right after.

It tricks the body into heating itself up into a mini fever and probably pumps adrenaline into the body or something of that sort. Its your body;s way of waking the hell up.

Anyone have experience with this type of remedy>?

People have claimed to have better skin, emotions, etc, etc everything better....


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I did it a few times.

In my case, I sat in a hot Russian bath after every dive - that might have been the reason of not catching cold. Five or six times a day is not a problem (I think), as long as you do not have any pre-existing conditions and listen to your body.

The feeling of icy water is indeed closer to hot water than to cold one. You may be even tempted to play snowballs after getting out of water, or to lay on the snow - do not do that. Snow and ice damage skin quite badly.

I am not sure what is a long-term effect, and whether this indeed raises cold tolerance - I am extremely sensitive to cold, but had no problems with diving into icy water even without a warm-up.

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I always finish off showers on cold. Stand under the water rubbing it in until it doesn't feel cold anymore and you stop breathing heavy. You definitley get an endorphin rush that lasts for a little while. 

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