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How do we deal with the problem of air pollution?

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Pierre-Alexandre Crevaux posted on Sun, Apr 1 2012 11:16 PM

In a purely libertarian society, I understand property rights could save us from land and water pollution. I wouldn't want anyone to dump garbage on my land, or in my water source. Fine. But this is easy to imagine because such property is physical. You may own a river, a lake, a field, or a garden.


But you can't own air. Air is the only that's not scarce in the world, which is why you cannot price it rationally. And I understand the Walter Block argument that someone could sue a local factory in a small town when you know it is the only facility polluting. But what if you live in a large city? Would you sue every single car driver and every single smoker? That's not even realistic. And smokers and drivers can affect everyone, even if you live in the rural lands, for air is in constant motion.

What do you think?

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