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The Ultimate Beginner meta-thread

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John James Posted: Wed, Apr 25 2012 3:07 AM

We've gathered quite a bit of resoures here, and inspired by this thread, I figured it was time to create a single meta-thread for newcomers.

The order here is not random.  I did what I could to put everything in probably the most comprehensive arrangement, listing the links in the best order for introduction and progression.

[shortcut for this thread:]



Forum Welcome: tips and how-tos


Getting started with free market/liberty oriented thinking

One Book for Capitalism

Three questions from a clueless high school student

The 30-Day Reading Challenge

Guides and Knowledge for your Intellectual Journey


Getting started in the Austrian School of economics

Austrian economics links at Mises WIki  -  (all the relevant links to "what is Austrian economics?"  "What should I read first?", etc.)

Recommendations for first books (separated by subject matter)



What Libertarianism Is

What Libertarianism is Not

Libertarianism breakdown

What It Means To Be an Anarcho-Capitalist

"Argumentation Ethics"


Sharing your journey

How I Became A Libertarian (from I Chose Liberty: Autobiographies of Contemporary Libertarians)

The road to Austrian school

How did you become a libertarian?

Post your "political past"?

How were you first introduced to Austrian Economics?

Does anyone ever wish that they never discovered AE?

How do people become anarchists?

The Story of My Conversion to Liberalism

New member of the community - hello! glad to be here.


Argumentation & spreading the word

"I'm in a debate somewhere on the Internet and I need help"

What you should be doing

To Any Who Were Once Apathetic: What Brought You In?

A model of the liberty message...this is what you can be

This is what you can do with OccupyWallStreet

How Would You Teach Capitalism?

Why Ron Paul is so effective

Recommendations on policy when dealing with newbs/statists.

Details on best practices

Pamphlet content recommendations

Stuff we can do


Common arguments

Category:Argumentation (basic points to refute common arguments on common topics)


Libertarians are heartless

You use government services. Hypocrite!

You're a dumb, extreme right wing, fox news brainwashed, revisionist history racist!

Self-Ownership?  (resource list)

What would you replace it with?

Political theory and practice

The U.S. Constitution

Ron Paul



Epistemology & Methodology (Praxeology playlist)

*Austrian economics "refuted" threads*

Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT)

Permanent Keynesian Refutation Thread

Efficient Markets Hypothesis (EMH)

"Socialist countries like Sweden and the USSR are economically successful"

Economic science, models, & forecasting

Trade & deficit

Practical Applications of Austrian Economics (investing)

Chicago School vs. Austrian School

Supply-side / "trickle-down" economics

Stimulus & "the multiplier"

Money & Banking

*Interest rate threads*

Interest rates & ABCT

*Bitcoin Threads*



Gold standard

Fiat money advocates, aka "Greenbackers"

Fractional & full reserve banking & the Federal Reserve


*Abortion Threads*

*Nuclear weapons threads*

Should a Starving Man Steal Bread?




"Public Goods"

*Externalities threads* (including "global warming/climate change")

resources on Public Goods at Mises Wiki

Courts/Law, Security/Defense (Free Society reading list & threads)

Health care

Science, research, & technology development

But what about roads and schools?

Can the free market provide for the needs of the handicapped?

How To Rescue a Child (without the State)

Market function & regulation

*Insider Trading threads*

Oil/Gasoline Prices & Speculation

Stock price manipulation

Monopoly & Predatory pricing (aka "commodity hoarding") (Antitrust; the Microsoft case)

"Natural monopoly" [1] [2]

"Wage slavery"

Free market environmentalism

Intellectual Property (IP) and innovation  [shortcut:]

Economic history

The Great Depression, the New Deal, and WWII

The depression of 1920

The 2008 crisis


Debate videos



Austrian economics and university

"Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College"

Recommendations in considering "higher ed"

Libertarian Child Rearing

Montessori, Peace, and Libertarianism

Do you teach your children Austrian Economics/Anarcho-Capitalism?

What is the libertarian view on homeschooling?

Education and voluntarism

10 Problems with American Education & How to Fix Them


More resources and recommendations

Mises Wiki

Reading lists

Reading/Education/Document/Debate Tree

From Minarchism to Anarchism in Ten Easy Steps: A Guide for Constitutionalists

Libertarian/Anarchist Relational Chart


Still don't know where to get started?

Watch these, in this order:






Then explore.


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