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European Court Rules that Publishers Can't Stop You From Reselling Digital Games

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nomar Posted: Thu, Jul 5 2012 4:45 PM

Official document:

What do you guys think will happen? These companies will simply stop to act in the European Union? They will "adapt"?

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These companies will simply stop to act in the European Union?

Generally, I don't think you'll find many people here who would agree to the idea that removing IP protections will slow down the market. Then again, certain industries are likely inflated in some ways due to the monopoly grants, and they might deflate if the protections are removed.

I do doubt that the companies will stop doing business there, though. There are already companies which specifically publish DRM-free material.

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I think they will move toward service models. Subscriptions and online passes.

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So, when will U.S. courts follow suit? And when will Steam allow me to resell my digital purchases??

I want an answer NOW!!

The customers who trade their license in to Green Man Gaming must first deactivate their game code.

"I got Dead Island from there.  Anyone want it?  ten bucks? 'This game connot be traded in.'

Starcraft II for sale, get your Starcraft II.  MultiPlayer barely used!"


EDIT: Oh I get it.  I get it.  Developers can still prevent you from reselling their games...

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