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Tort Reform Documentary?

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Willy Truth Posted: Sun, Sep 9 2012 7:22 PM

I was subjected to the disgusting documentary "Hot Coffee", which blithely depicts personal injury lawyers as the selfless, tireless defenders of the downtrodden (usually wronged by those mean ol' corporations), and I was wondering if anyone knows any good rebuttals from a non-retarded angle? For *some* reason only leftist documentaries seem to be easily accessible... 

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Stossel hates lawyers...

The Trouble with Lawyers

In Illegal Everything and No They Can't (both featured here) he covers the personal injury lawyers and ADA nonsense as well.  He also has entire episodes of his show dedicated to this topic.  At least two editions of "The Trouble With Lawyers", and one on the ADA, the latter of which was on youtube, but has been made private for some reason.  You can find them in torrents.  If you have any trouble, let me know and I can make sure you get a copy.


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Screw the ambulance chasers.

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
"The sweetest of minds can harbor the harshest of men.”

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How do you guys feel about loss of society and lost earnings damages in tort law?

A hypothetical of this would be: A plane crashes due to an airline's negligence. Onboard was a Harvard educated, up and coming corporate executive. Wife gets a large judgment for both lost speculative future earnings for the rest of his life ($9 million) and loss of society (their relationship) ($5 million). 

Another hypo: A child of a poor family is killed by a train and their family is awarded $200,000 for lost future earnings and loss of society.

This has also manifested in housewives' wages being calculated out to an equivalent market value and awarded to a decedent.


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gotlucky replied on Wed, May 8 2013 10:38 PM

The family of these people have a right to sue because of a wrongful death. As far as my own beliefs go, I think that should be enough to have a legitimate lawsuit, and it may include things such as lost earnings. I don't know what would happen in a private law society, but I doubt that lost earnings would be a separate tort.

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