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Shouldn't Government-Imposed Regulatory Agencies Absolve Private Liability?

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Cousin Walter Posted: Sun, Oct 14 2012 1:25 PM

The people in these forums are no doubt wise enough to see the folly and the immorality of taking money from people and industries and forcing them to abide government watchdog/safety agencies.

If a gunman enters a movie theater and kills people, how is that the fault of the movie theater? The theater owner paid taxes to the local government, which pay for the police force, which is supposed to provide safety and security against murderous gunmen.

If a prescription drug causes harmful side effects on a person who uses it, but the FDA approved it for use, why is that the fault of the drug manufacturer? The drug company would rather implement its own quality controls and safeguards but Congress and the FDA stole money from the company and forced it to adhere to FDA compliance. Any harm that befalls the drug taker is therefore the fault of the FDA and not the manufacturer.

If a terrorist eludes TSA screeners and crashes a plane or a mechanical error the FAA missed causes a plane to crash, how is that the airline's fault? In a free market, the airline would, out of its own interests, go to great lengths to make sure its planes are secure from terrorists and safe from mechanical defects.

Etc., etc.

Am I wrong here?

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