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Rejecting Marx, Keynes, AND Mises; Reviving Classical Liberalism, Biblical Economics, and Georgism

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Confessed Posted: Sat, Nov 24 2012 6:40 PM

My article exposing Ron Paul as a globalist seeking the old world’s one world currency is getting a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of people on forums discussing the article still have not awakened to the importance of the Endgame Ron Paul represents on the Grand Chessboard of the Red Symphony.

The awakening to the crimes of the New World Order is being misdirected into the worship of one man, Ron Paul, and into a blind faith of a false economic paradigm of crony capitalism and corruption of free markets of the worst kind by government, the Austrian School of Economics, funded by the same people, the Rockefeller Foundation, who take an active part in the funding and control of the New World Order. What is really dangerous is that it is sold as the opposition to the New World Order and as the opposition to crony capitalism and corruption of free markets by the government when it was funded by the New World Order and when it is crony capitalism and corruption of free markets by the government.

Ron Paul’s various esoteric associations are irrelevant. What is relevant is Ron Paul’s role in herding the stray sheep of politics, upset at the Republicans or Democrats, towards a false paradigm of economics. What is important is how brainwashed, militant, and intellectually dishonest these supporters of Ron Paul are. They resemble fascists, promoting a crony capitalism which resembles a new type of feudalism, while calling themselves defenders of capitalism, free markets, and classical liberalism. They do not listen to what you have to say. They are not there to learn. They are there to beat a drum of free markets and anarchy while at the same time they promote corruption of free markets by the government, without even being aware that is what they are doing. You can’t even crack a joke about Ron Paul without them going ballistic.

Some people defend Ron Paul on the basis that he is a gateway to the proverbial red pill from The Matrix. This is somewhat true. I was a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Party until I left the party in 2001, mostly because I felt it had a brainwashing effect. I was amazed at Ron Paul’s popularity during the 2008 elections. I started to poke around YouTube to find out why he became so popular. What I discovered was people talking about the CFR, 9/11, the New World Order, and Alex Jones.

It was an interesting journey. It took me awhile to come to terms that 9/11 was an inside job. I did not want to believe that it was possible for such to be an inside job. However, the hard science and all the soft evidence indicated it could have been nothing else but controlled demolition. Alex Jones opened me up to a lot of things. After I predicted the collapse of the Dow and the swine flu outbreak,  I stopped listening to Alex Jones. I had watched Zeitgeist and Bill Still’s documentary and started to really think about monetary policy. This is when it finally hit me that Ron Paul was a Benedict Arnold.

I realized that Alex Jones was allowed to do what he did because he was herding those awakened to certain things, such as 9/11 being an inside job,  towards Ron Paul. Alex Jones was a gate keeper. Ron Paul in his own right is also a gate keeper to herd those who were socially liberal and fiscal conservatives.

I already had intuitive disagreement with the Libertarian Party, specifically the Austrian School of Economics, over monetary policy and over the land issue. Dan Sullivan had awakened me somewhat to these concerns. However, it wasn’t until Bill Still and Alex Jones that I realized the true purpose Ron Paul served for the New World Order.

Anarchy is a foundation for feudalism, where lords lead knights, hold claims to land, and negotiate contracts of slavery and serfdom with the peasants where the serfs gain protection from the land baron while they are allowed to exist to work on the land and pay tributes or rents to the land barons. The land barons were the government, and they were ultimately fascist governments. Anarchy is also a foundation for tribalism, but tribalism tends to be more left-wing than the right-wing feudalism, since land and people are usually not viewed as property under tribalism and since tribal barter systems are more honest.

The system of feudalism developed in Europe when the Roman Empire fell. It should be important to note that the Roman Empire was built on cheap money, bronze and later silver coins, for 240 years, where the value of the money was more than the value of the metal in the coins, and that it started to crumble when Rome abandoned bronze coins and went onto a gold and silver standard in 50BC when the idea of gold as money was started. In 23BC, cheap money of bronze and brass coinage was again monetized but quickly demonetized. It was attempted to monetize bronze coins once again after collapse, but it was too late. This idea of gold as money carried into the Dark Age of feudalism. Feudalism eventually developed into monarchism and eventually once again  into the idea of the republic and representative government.

However, along the way, from the Roman Empire to our modern governments, monetary and land issues were often poorly implemented, and the toil of the working classes were often taxed, leading to a crony capitalism at the benefit of the aristocrats, the land owners, the bankers, and other wealthy interests who lived off land rents and interest, despite the common religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam speaking out against the taxation of labor and the profiteering off land rents, interest-bearing money, and financial capital not produced with toil.

The classical liberals and American independence was a big leap forward in trying to address the land issue. It was the early American immigrants, who lived in Europe under the burden of land rents and taxes on their toil paid to land barons and monarchs, who had the lack of access to cheap money to engage in economic trade and pay such taxes, who had to instead borrow expensive money at high rates of interest and volatile value from bankers, who met native populations who did not even believe in money and land ownership, and who were casting off the crony capitalism of monarchism.

All the classical liberals identified land, capital, and labor as the components of production. They identified land as something unique, where the rights to land should be preserved but not the profits off the land. They all believed that land was best to have a tax imposed on it since it was unearned wealth and so that the land would not be monopolized by land barons, making land more affordable for all. The classical liberals respected earned income and did not impose taxation on wages. The classical liberals and the native Americans were your true champions of free markets, the economics of the Bible, and anarchism, where government acted to secure that all had rights to land and their labor, but not the right to profit off land rents through government written and enforced title to land.

While the classical liberals were not successful of casting off interest-bearing money, George Washington did finance the American Revolution with debt-free sovereign money, the Continental. While the colonies had problems with the colonial currencies, the colonies were successful in making use of various forms of cheap currency to pay taxes and engage in trade. Unfortunately, the colonies often relied upon gold to trade with Europe. The Southern colonies even commonly accepted Spanish gold notes for payment of taxes.

The U.S. Constitution did recognize the folly of having several different colony currencies due to commodity-based currencies, like agricultural products, corrupting free markets, money market traders profiteering off deflationary and inflationary currencies, and other problems.  This was in part due to Adam Smith writing about the problems of the colonial currencies in 1776, in Wealth of Nations. The U.S. Constitution limited the States to gold and silver coins while leaving it open for the Congress to issue and regulate the legal tender, whatever the legal tender might be. I believe the classical liberals stuck with gold since it was the one world currency at the time. Europe primarily used gold, and it was necessary to use gold to trade with Europe. They also offered silver as a cheap alternative.

However, this brings up why Ron Paul is so dangerous. Supporters of Ron Paul claim that Ron Paul believes in “free market” currency, not a return to the gold standard, because Ron Paul simply wants the government to interfere in free markets and accept gold and silver for payment of taxes. They suggest that we currently do not have a free market in silver and gold as currency. They suggest that the government must take action to make them “free market” currency. How Orwellian. Ron Paul supporters defy reason and logic.

Libertarianism as promoted by the Austrian School of Economics is the crony capitalism of a return to feudalism. The Austrian School of Economics wants us to repeat the failures of history rather than learn from them. There is a true libertarianism which mirrors true classical liberalism. However, that true libertarianism is not the libertarianism which Ron Paul promotes.

Most Ron Paul supporters believe government is force and is always bad. I did have a discussion with one Ron Paul supporter who admitted that government force is good if it used to enforce free markets. Unfortunately, he believed free markets meant the crony capitalism of Ron Paul, that government should be used to enforce land monopoly and monetary monopoly. Government force is good if it is used to enforce free market principles that labor and capital is your own, that land and the profit of the land is for all, and the public’s legal tender should be debt-free and free of the economic rent and interest of commodities.

The Bible and Antiquity even promotes these free market principles of true capitalism. The Bible promotes a more true capitalism than Ron Paul. Unfortunately, those who state belief in the Bible, such as Ron Paul, reject the principles of economics in the Bible in favor of the Rockefeller Foundation’s economic paradigm of crony capitalism, where land and money are treated like any other capital and where taxation on your toil is justified if done in a flat [regressive] way.

I am agnostic and am aware of the economics of the Bible. Many who claim faith in the Bible are not even aware of the economics of the Bible, other than tithing the church and letting Caesar have his gold. I would say letting Caesar have his gold is a statement against hard currency, but I’m not sure the context makes that implication and is simply making a statement against materialism, as the purpose of tithing is a statement against materialism, to be willing to let go of a portion of your wealth, to have faith in God rather than materialism. The people who believe in the Bible are not aware that the Bible is in favor of the taxation of land values through the 50-year land lease and Jubilee, against the taxation of labor and real capital, and against debt-based money.

There are supporters of Ron Paul who literally want the Anglo-American Empire to fall like the Roman Empire and enter into a new Dark Age. While I agree with them that our current system is corrupt, it is not beyond repair. While I agree that it deserves to fail, failure into a new Dark Age would not make things better. It would only make things worse. We would enter a new age of feudalism. We would repeat history rather than learn from history. We would be paying land rents to land barons, paying land rents and interest on gold to bankers of the land barons, and making tribute payments on our toil to those with the most guns who control land and gold, if we are lucky enough to survive the chaos. I assume that those who control our banking system, their corporations, and their governments, would not allow things to reach that point, as much as they work to repress understanding of true classical liberalism and true libertarianism.

If Ron Paul was elected and the Austrian School of Economics became as mainstream as Keynesian economics, those who control our banking system and their corporations would still be in control. We would repeat history with frequent banking panics, boom/bust cycles, and monetary changes to accommodate a return to a gold standard or some variant of a commodity-based and interest-bearing currency beneficial to bankers and those who profit on debt. They would even call such currency “sound” and “honest” free market money, while gold, silver, and notes of chartered banks are declared legal tender by the government. Even worse, with the Austrian School of Economics equating land and money to capital, like Marx did, we’d see a return of landed feudalism.

We’d have to watch our public infrastructure be privatized. Our roads would be sold to aristocrats and transnational corporations and transformed into toll roads for a transnational corridor. We, the People, who built the roads, would now have to pay tolls to use them to private corporations. We would see the same with the community hospitals, parks, and other public infrastructure. We already see this happening now.

We’d have to watch the states to get rid of the remaining property taxes that the classical liberals gave us as they implement flat and regressive income taxes and sales taxes to fund governments, directly enslaving us in the worst possible way, especially for the working class and youth. We’d see the wealthy and corporations buy up the land, as they even deduct the buying up of America on their taxes. We would see increased rent and decreased maintenance of housing, since the only tax incentive would be to monopolize the land rather than develop, maintain, and use land efficiently for the demands of the free market.

We’d see prices for gold and silver sky-rocket in price as the government interferes in free markets of gold and silver and free market currencies by accepting them for payment of taxes. We’d see the government become commodity traders under the banner that the government is promoting free markets. We’d see the interest on debts, public and private, increase, with the force of government interfering with free markets, and we will hear that the wealthy bankers and the wealthy are getting richer because the government stayed out of the free market. It is not right for the working class to do all the work and be loaded with more debt than they earn, while the banks have lavish buildings on every street corner and the tallest towers in every city for doing nothing but charging usury upon the public’s money supply while mismanaging and misdirecting the money supply into boom/bust cycles.

We’d continue to see our jobs outsourced and off-shored due to the increased taxation on wages to the point where we will eventually be willing to work in sweat shops for China and India for wages that would barely pay land rents for a slum. We’d see increased poverty for a majority of Americans while a small minority of Americans would see increased prosperity, as we are seeing already.

We’d see another Great Depression, where first by inflation of a cheap debt-based currency and then by the deflation of an expensive commodity and debt-based currency, we’d literally wake up homeless on tax-free land monopolized by the crony capitalists Ron Paul embraced rather than opposed. We would become a pathetic banana republic rather than the republic for and by the people the classical liberals hoped we’d become. The demands for socialism would be greater, not lesser, under Ron Paul’s crony capitalism and various austerity programs.

Ron Paul is exactly what the globalists would want. That is why they funded the Austrian School of Economics. Ron Paul is the Hegelian dialect and a false paradigm that would enable the slavery of the masses, especially if he has dedicated and passionate support behind him, who falsely believe they are repressed and disenfranchised champions of free markets when in reality they are champions of the crony capitalism of King George and his gold bankers and land barons. Even if the media criticizes Ron Paul, often for the wrong reasons, the media is solidifying his support. Bad press is good press for celebrities. It increases their popularity as people try to defend their favorite celebrity.

Our only hope is in educating the masses on true classical liberalism and true libertarianism to reform the system with a populist message of no taxation of toil, no national debt, public debt-free money, and land value taxation. Henry George and the classical progressives had great success in the late 1800s as the classical liberals in 1776 had great success. There is an opportunity for classical progressives to reform our system towards a more robust implementation of classical liberalism.

We do need to break the monopoly the banks have on our government and our economy. We do need to break the monopoly the banks have on our understanding of political economy given to us by them with Austrian School of Economics, Keynesian economics, and Marxism. We would need to break free of the three neoclassical schools of economics which equate land and money to capital and regain a true understanding of classical liberalism and true libertarianism, where land and money are not capital of the free market but unique creatures of the state with unique economic concerns which can be used to fund government, rather than the slavery of taxation on wages and real capital.

The debate, after the national debt is ended with public debt-free legal tender, after wages are untaxed, and after land values are taxed, should be on when capital ceases to be real capital of earned income and when it becomes usury and economic rent of unearned income. The debate should be on whether there should be a public option in insurance or not. The debate should be on how small government should be and how much land rents and monetary value should be returned to the public as a citizen dividend.

The debate should not be about the worship of Ron Paul, the blind faith in the Rockefeller Foundation’s Austrian School of Economics, and the crony capitalism of the Austrian School of Economics, modeled on the crony capitalism of the Old World’s feudalism and sold in an Orwellian way as being the classical liberalism and opposition to crony capitalism. The last thing we need is an ignorant mass in blind worship of a man and in blind faith of his false economic paradigm. Progress towards free and fair markets requires reason. Blind faith leads to a dark age of austerity and crony capitalism.


Not my article but any thoughts on this critique


Article found here:

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My thoughts are that this is the manifestation of a sentimental, religious attachment to land. It is capital. Deal with it..


For someone who emphasises "reason", I note that he hasn't submitted very many to back his assertions.

Freedom of markets is positively correlated with the degree of evolution in any society...

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Neodoxy replied on Sat, Nov 24 2012 6:52 PM

Yea... Skimmed and I don't believe that it's even worth critiquing... He pretty much had me at "biblical economics", which is a pretty insane concept to begin with.

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Yeah you're right, this may be the reason why he was derailed from logic.

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where land and money are treated like any other capital and where taxation on your toil is justified if done in a flat [regressive] way.

This guy misrepresents what we are all about.

Under no conditions should taxation be imposed, wheter flat, progressive, or a 1 cent tax.

“Since people are concerned that ‘X’ will not be provided, ‘X’ will naturally be provided by those who are concerned by its absence."
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Jargon replied on Sat, Nov 24 2012 9:42 PM

I want my time back. I wish there were criticisms with substance in there.

Land & Liberty

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