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The Neo-Jacksonians

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Jargon Posted: Wed, Dec 12 2012 3:50 AM

See thread at new Mises hideout:

Land & Liberty

The Anarch is to the Anarchist what the Monarch is to the Monarchist. -Ernst Jünger

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"Anti-Corporate - Seize the assets of Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and Haliburton. Place the assets in the treasury which are written off as tax breaks. Durable capital auctioned off.Anti-Bank - Convict various bankers of GS, JPM, Citi, WF for robo-sign bankruptcies, Abolish the Fed, Student Debt Forgiveness, Haircuts on Mortgages" under what grounds? What they are doing now is legal... don't you have to make it illegal first and then do that? orare you advocating just being a hitman? i don't think the concept is a bad idea, i agree that there needs to be a great broadening of the base. however i still believe the best way to do it is through attacking socialism and making it clear what capitalism is. an adhoc productionist or capitalist party can have can have the same platform but even broader base.
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I'm no Neo-Jacksonian.  I'm a voluntaryist and a confederalist.

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