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Rand Paul filibuster...Something else Wenzel was wrong on?

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John James Posted: Tue, Apr 2 2013 3:58 PM

So Wenzel has a pretty strong fixation on Rand Paul (one of the few that actually seems to be warranted, given Rand's popularity with libertarians, despite his anti-libertarian statements and actions).

He followed Paul's 13-hour filibuster earlier this month...

Has Rand Paul Turned Against Foreign Interventions?

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The Neocon Points That Rand Adhered To

Rand Declares Victory; Will Grigg Says It's an Empty "Victory"

Did the Planners of Rand Paul's Filibuster Forget to Tell Him About Stadium Pal?

Not Good: Rand Paul's First Interview after the Filibuster...

Neocon: Rand Paul Filibuster is a Stroke of Political Genius

Total Minutes for All Speakers During Rand Paul's Filibuster

Beyond Rand Paul's Victory Declaration


While his hunches about the neocon underpinnings and strings behind the scenes may be accurate, his assessment of the filibuster itself is the point of this post...

"Keep in mind, outside of getting Rand much publicity, the filibuster itself did nothing."

" is instructive that following Rand Paul's useless filibuster, Krauthammer is leading the cheers for Rand."

This seems to be his sentiment...that the filibuster was useless outside of getting Rand Paul some attention.

Ben Swann and however, seem to have a different view...


Here's Swann during the filibuster:


Here's his followup, uploaded today:


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Neodoxy replied on Tue, Apr 2 2013 4:12 PM

The filibuster was the first thing Rand Paul has done that was really right.

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The filibuster was the first thing Rand Paul has done that was really right.

And blocking Georgia's admittance into NATO in Dec. 2011.  Georgia joining NATO would have destroyed Obama's RESET policy with Russia.

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Marko replied on Tue, Apr 2 2013 6:49 PM

Ben Swann and however, seem to have a different view...

Also Glenn Greenwald.

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