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  • Ron Paul will win majority of Delegates in Louisiana!

    Everyone knows Rick Santorum won the La. GOP Primary. What most people don't know is the Primary is just a dog and pony show. The vote that counts will be on April 28th a Saturday from 8:30am till noon. Most people don't know that. I live in Louisiana and I haven't heard anything on the local...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Bill on Tue, Apr 17 2012
  • Dont p&%$ down my back and tell me its raining...

    In Professor Carroll Quigley's work The Evolution of Civilizations Quigley outlined what he called the 7 stages of historical change within a civilization being mixture, gestation, expansion, conflict, universal empire, decay and invasion. Near the books conclusion Quigley states that: “At...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by thevanguardmind on Tue, May 3 2011
  • The Triumphant Return of Hayek - Newsweek

    What??? I have only been studying this for a short while, but even I know this a gross misrepresentation - any comments? Hayek was associated with the Austrian school, ascendant in the 19th and early 20th centuries, which argued that the private sector should be left free to carry out the task of any...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Redmond on Mon, Nov 29 2010
  • Uncle Sam’s Mysterious Hoard - from the Atlantic Monthly - Why don't we just sell all the gold in Ft. knox?

    The question of course is how much gold does the US Government have? Given that Ft. Knox has never been properly audited. What a great question - Why in the world would the US Government, currently the world's largest debtor, hold on to physical reserves of gold? (that it confiscated from private...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Redmond on Tue, Nov 2 2010
  • Can someone explain the provisions of the new financial reform bill to me?

    Since I really don't feel like leafing through 2,300 pages of unreadable, barely decipherable, incoherent government gibberish that disgraces and besmirches decent English and all those who can write it - besides, the 1,400 pages of Rothbard's 'Man, Economy and State' that I just started...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by kingofkings92 on Mon, Jul 26 2010
  • Ron Paul disrespected by Rolling Stone

    Found this blog on Rolling Stone, interesting how they portrayed Bernie Sanders. I wasn't a huge Paul supported but he's been great on the problem at the Federal Reserve. Thought I'd share
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by Brandon on Thu, Jun 3 2010
  • Smacked a NeoCon This was posted on as a blog post ( ). I left a lengthy comment (as nurbsoldier) that made "Professor...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by RogueMerc on Sun, Feb 21 2010
  • Continental Convention

    MUST WATCH the Continental Convention 2009!!! Increadible! I was crying while watching the opening ceremonies. And the speaches are great. Not all the speakers are great speakers, but the information is fantastic. All the representatives were elected by their States. It's at Strangely...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by cryptocode on Thu, Nov 19 2009
  • The campaign against the Fed

    I think this is something people can remember and will get the message through about the Federal Reserve's attitude towards citizens and it's accountability and I think it will resonate with people: There could be a short slogan like this 'The Federal Reserve's policy is "Don't...
    Posted to Current Events (Forum) by konstantin on Sun, Oct 11 2009
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