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  • Re: How does the Federal Reserve effect the US government's ability to finance its debt?

    Foreigners continue purchase these freshly printed paper US Bonds (at a discount from face value or CV) only because these US bonds can be redeemed by purchasing title to privately owned land, hotels, farms, businesses, casinos and other assets that were created by previous generations of US citizens...
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Gerald Spencer on Mon, Feb 15 2010
  • Re: How does the Federal Reserve effect the US government's ability to finance its debt?

    The US government does not really borrow US dollars from US banks to pay for its expenses. The US congress passes laws that authorize Federal Reserve Board (via Chairman Ben Bernanke) to buy some paper and then print a bunch of new interest bearing paper currency instruments in varying amounts with the...
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Gerald Spencer on Mon, Feb 15 2010
  • On The Subject of Freedom

    An article from my website : How many of you have stopped to consider what the word freedom means? Webster’s defines it as: 1 : the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power...
    Posted to Political Theory (Forum) by Michael Suede on Wed, Jan 6 2010
  • improving capitalism--a lot

    Hello libertarians (and other strong supporters of liberty and--therefore--capitalism): I contacted Jeffrey Tucker regarding the idea referred to below, and he suggested I put a post on this forum. I stumbled upon a way to improve capitalism systemically and to accomplish everything any libertarian has...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Stephen Yearwood on Mon, Jan 4 2010
  • Lenin's Empirialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism - Short Critique

    I have just read Lenin's Imperialism and given a small lecture on it for a bunch of socialists I know. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The research is very well compiled and gives a great historical account of how we progressed. My one criticism however is very potent. And it's one no doubt many...
    Posted to History (Forum) by Oliver on Wed, Jul 22 2009
  • Student Loans

    How do government subsidies make college more expensive?
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Captain America on Sat, Jun 6 2009
  • Communism, free markets, trade, and currency

    Obviously, I am new to economic theory, and some questions have been dogging me for quite some time. Before I begin, I have studied North Korea and other socialist/communist ideologies for a few years. Granted, these studies are based on speculative subjects and humanitarian issues and a smattering of...
    Posted to Newbies (Forum) by Jack on Thu, Jan 1 2009
  • The economic brilliance of the New York times. Read the article, and let me know what you think.
    Posted to History (Forum) by Brad on Sun, Dec 21 2008
  • Libertarians like free money (at least this one does.....)

    I'm naturally frugal, and am always looking for opportunities to produce free money without risk - arbitrage, if you will. I'm guessing that its a trait I share with most folks..... Such an opportunity exists in the form of E-Bay's new rebate program with I've been using it...
    Posted to General (Forum) by mty on Mon, Dec 1 2008
  • Money

    Monetary Evolution: Where are we today? Commerce today is dominated by “electronic” transactions. A business that does not support the use of debit/credit cards will be extremely limiting its customer base and will likely not survive. The emergence of this form of money was the credit card...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by mmartillo on Thu, Sep 25 2008
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