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  • Re: *** June 2011 low content thread ***

    Okay so it turns out the LvMI posted this back in 2008, but the Independent Institute just posted it yesterday, so I just saw it. It's a discussion from 1983 with Ron Paul and Dominick T. Armentano, author of Antitrust: The Case for Repeal .
    Posted to General (Forum) by John James on Sat, Jun 18 2011
  • Is natural monopoly really impossible?

    Many people on this site say that natural monopolies do not occur and can only exist due to government. How would you explain Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, and JP Morgan and Co? Didn't they have a monopoly status that was split by the state?
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by tcostel on Tue, Jun 14 2011
  • "Big Business will Dominate the free market"?

    Okay, I'm having a discussion with a socialist/statist about the free market, monopoly, and anti-trust laws (repeal them!). I'm getting to the point where my austro-libertarian knowledge is incomplete. He says: It is a major financial commitment for a startup to stock and staff a store. As soon...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by Matthew on Wed, Apr 20 2011
  • Small Businesses - Dying off because lack of anti-trust?

    Saw this article at the Washington Post today (I know, not the most economy savvy publication). It discusses the reason why small businesses are dying out, placing the blame on the Reagan administration's loosening of anti-trust legislation. What do you think? The article is here: http://www.washingtonpost...
    Posted to Economics Questions (Forum) by ashleycsmith85 on Wed, Feb 24 2010
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