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  • Estoppel - Argumentation Ethics - Aggression

    I have a problem with estoppel, it could be a problem only with my ability to understand it, as applied by Stephan Kinsella as part of argumentation ethics. From wikipedia , The "estoppel" theory of Stephan Kinsella draws on Hoppe's theory...
  • Homeschool vs Formal School

    I'm getting married next year intend to have kids in the next two years or so and am seriously considering homeschooling; however my fiancee isn't too keen to put it midly. My main reason for considering is that even the private schools ape the...
  • Law in "practice" in an anarcho-capitalist society

    Hi, I have a couple of question regarding that subject. It is possible that I will make some mistakes about what the anarcho-capitalist stance on the legal system actually is. (And I quoted the word practice not because I doubt it, but because as far...
    by Cortex
  • Re: The Compatibility of Rothbardian and Friedmanite Anarchism

    nirgrahamUK: AJ: For what value of X would you choose B over A? A. No monopolies on force ever again B. X% of the world's population shares all your ethical positions besides opposing monopolies on force there is no such X ? I just want to go back...
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