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  • Re: Are businessman cold and conceited? For rational self-interest?

    When government intervention is unknown, that is, when they are not able to pick winners and losers and arbitrarily bestow privilege, the consumers are soverign. The capitalists/entrepreneurs, who are looking for the highest possible rate of return ("greedy"...
    by Esuric
  • Re: Chris Christie

    Videos like that remind me why I detest these public sector characters. Like that woman who questioned Christie. They earn far more than a private sector worker, they live off private sector workers, they are hurt far less than private sector workers...
  • Re: Debate on Austrian Economics

    StrangeLoop: 1. Can you provide a respected theory which does not conform to the hypothetico-deductive model (i.e., logically deduced consequences from a hypothesized postulate)? Oh; but I'm not saying that they don't do that. E.g. the perfect...
  • Re: Debate on Austrian Economics

    EconomistInTraining: In other words, AEs should be more like Hayek. Interestingly enough, I think most of what economists do (both Austrian and neoclassical) is apriori reasoning. Some call this "introspection". I agree, for all the hot air...
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