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Are you really serious?

Dear US-Citizens are you really serious to vote for Obama again?

Have you ever considered whether he has lived up to his announcements?

Well it seems it does not matter. So vote vor Obama again and bear the consequences.

I wish you all the luck you'll need.


Cesare Bonventre said:

Bureaucrats, governments, have never been the solution in history to any of mans problems

In fact, all good works in history have always been done in opposition to bureaucrats.

Things for mankind will never ever improve in any way until he decides to handle things himself. 

Signatures, singing in circles, marching, occupy movements, never have and never will work.

The solution lies among individuals and their local community to get things accomplished. 

The EPA is an illegal Federal Bureaucracy.  Trying to tell them to "change their ways" is as silly as telling the fox to stay out of the hen house.  They are in fact, under the US Constitution, illegal.  Therefore, the States treaty with the US Federal Government is now null and void - There is in fact a very substantive breach in that contract between the States and the Federal Government. 

You want a solution: file for breach of contract; and then police your own community. 

# April 12, 2012 4:32 AM