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The madnesss of GDP related debts.
I'm suprised that a debts rate of is calculated with the GDP. I know "every" does it. But if are at the edge of a canyon, and everyone is marching on, makes this march not less stupid Let's translate it into our "world" (the...
The US creditability
Well how interesting that the verdict of the rating agents still is on AAA for the US. They just have a few trillions debt and they "just" another 1.4 trillion during this year. And still the blame the rating agents and call it a "politicial"...
Very interesting to read
Here on the Mises blog: http://mises.org/daily/5170/The-Myth-of-Japans-Lost-Decades That is interesting and we can really build on it. Let's assume the production stays the same for one year. Let's say it#s 100 PP (Product Pieces) now we just...