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It does not make sense
to read the comments on price development at least for Gold. I tend to day it does not make sense at all to expect anything of worth from stock "experts". Can one talk about a down for gold if it's moving just 0.5%? Well I think no. And...
Just give it a name
the disaster can be subsumed under one small sentence. The problems are there because of the monopolies of states. In this case the monopoly of currencies. The FED , ECB etc, do just get their position because the state sanctioned it. It's very easy...
dead reace (was debt race)
Well I hardly could believe that: http://www.spiegel.de/flash/flash-25145.html It's about the not covered expenses in the different states. Now I was thinkin California was "bad". Well it is but there are worse states. Nevada has a deficit...