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Your data
belong to you. Feel free to give them away to whomever you like but don't be surprised if it backfires. With every new day and new news about Facebook I'm happy I'm not "in". If you just google for my name you can get a lot of information...
Think about it
even if not for all to long. What has Obama said before he was voted? What of these things has he fullfilled? If you find he has delivered what he promised, vote for him again. If you think he has delivered too less. Just do not vote for him. It's...
Money as value vs money as debt
I'd planned to write a long post about it but guess what I found: http://mercuryreliance.wordpress.com/2011/04/12/money-is-debt-and-gold-is-money-supreme-court-of-canada-says-so-in-a-ruling/ The reading in the link is "legalenglish" so be...