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  • Anarcho-capitalism and environmentalism

    I've been thinking about some environmental issues and I'm confused as to how a anarcho-capitalist society could deal with them more efficiently than the present system of nation-states could. Here are a few things that confuse me: 1) Setting...
    by Ultima
  • Marxism - A materials list

    I've been getting several questions about Marxism and what it actually entails so I decided to gather up some sources concerning the subject and put them together for anyone else who may have the desire to know more. I will break them up into two...
  • Natural Resource Use/Conservation - Austrian Literature Suggestion

    Hello, LvMI Community! I am preparing a monograph for the conclusion of my Undergrad Economics course, and I am planning to write about natural resource use and conservation, adopting the Austrian school's approach. Basically, I would like to show...
  • Praxeology: reading list

    It seems some individuals here have little to no knowledge of what the Austrian School actually posits and what it does not, and what its propositions consist in. So, I have compiled this list of essential articles. Before embarking on some 'critique'...
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