Shorter URL's for your blog, profile
Published Wed, Jul 2 2008 2:20 PM | David V
If you weren't pleased with the longer blog URLs of the Mises Community, you now have an alternative URL: For example You can also link to your profile at For example...
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Akismet Spam Rule for Community Server 2008
Published Mon, Apr 28 2008 10:43 AM | David V
This is an update of the Akismet plugin by Thomas Freudenberg found here . Download
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Visual Studio 2008 to 2005 downgrade utility
Published Thu, Feb 28 2008 3:46 PM | David V
Visual Studio 2008 allows you to target .Net Framework 2.0, so you don't have to migrate the solutions you developed in Visual Studio 2005 to a new framework version. The only problem is that it upgrades the solution and project files, making your...
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Posting videos from Youtube and Google in blogs, forums, comments
Published Mon, Jan 21 2008 6:22 PM | David V
I have installed a module to allow posting Videos from Soapbox, Youtube and Google video in blogs, forums and comments. The syntax is: [ Youtube:xxxxx] [ Soapbox:xxxxx] [ Googlevideo:xxxxx] where xxxxx is the ID of the video.
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Getting too much blog comment spam?
Published Wed, Jan 9 2008 3:17 PM | David V
You have several options to control the amount of spam comments. Require that all or some posts be approved: Select "Global Settings", then " Advanced Post Settings " Under the "Comment Moderation" setting, you can require...
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Get FeedBurner for your blog
Published Sun, Nov 11 2007 4:46 PM | David V
You can easily set up FeedBurner for your blog by going to your Dashboard then Syndication Settings . What is FeedBurner, you ask? FeedBurner is a Google company that lets you do all kinds of things with your blog's feed, including automatically formatting...
Mises Tagging Overview
Published Tue, Oct 9 2007 10:42 AM | David V
The framework used to tag pages on is a tagging library I developed to tag any kind of content on The tag library references GUID 's assigned to all objects in the databases. It tracks users by username or IP address...
How I converted to Web 2.0 (Part 1)
Published Mon, Oct 1 2007 2:39 PM | David V
During the period of late August - mid September 2007, I redesigned the architecture of from the ground up from a largely-static "web 1.0" era site to a future-oriented database and user driven " web 2.0 enabled" site. In...
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Published Wed, Sep 26 2007 12:03 PM | David V
Here are the new URL's for the Google services offered at Start Page: Email Calendar: Docs and Spreadsheets:
Get your Google accounts here.
Published Tue, Sep 25 2007 4:58 PM | David V
To encourage participation on the website, we are giving away 150 Google accounts to everyone who contributes to the website. You get the standard 2GB Gmail Inbox plus the entire suite of Google applications with...
How to show the posts from your blog on your profile page
Published Sun, Sep 23 2007 9:19 PM | David V
This works whether or not your blog is hosted at Click on "Edit Profile" Select the "About" tab. In the "Recommended Reading" section, paste the RSS Feed from your blog Click "Save"
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ASP.Net: Adding feed auto-discovery & meta tags to the page header
Published Fri, Sep 21 2007 1:27 AM | David V
Every now and then, I will post code snippets which others might find useful. Here is one: How to add an RSS auto-discovery meta tag to the page header: Private Sub AddRSSLink(ByVal title As String, ByVal URL As String) Dim link As New HtmlLink link.Attributes...
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Social bookmarking links
Published Fri, Sep 21 2007 1:05 AM | David V
Almost every page on the website now includes links to Digg, redit, facebook, and other social bookmarking websites on the bottom of the page. Let me know if you'd like to see links to other linksharing sites. If you come across a Mises...
Quick blog tutorial
Published Thu, Sep 20 2007 10:12 AM | David V
How to get a blog: Send a request to community at mises dot org. Optional: Tell me if you want a custom blog URL (default is your username.) How to find your blog: Go to . Click on "User Blogs." Click on " Blogs on this...
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10 Future Web Trends
Published Sun, Sep 9 2007 2:02 AM | David V
If you’re interested in the motivations behind the long-term development of, check out the post “ 10 future web trends .” It presents 10 technologies that will be popular in the “next 10 or so” years on the web. My goal is to implement all of...
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