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Obama and His Cardiff Giant

This post originally appeared on American Thinker today.

The Cardiff Giant, known as “America’s Greatest Hoax,” has new competition for the title — Global Warming. Recent revelations of what  appear to be doctored data, corrupted scientists and pressured peer reviews have produced terms such as climategate, climaqquidick and similar pejoratives. Describing the events of the past week, Senator Jim Inhofe, a consistent critic of the science said: “Ninety-five percent of the nails were in the coffin prior to this week. Now they are all in.”

Despite what appears evidence of outright fraud, President Obama refuses to acknowledge, no less investigate, what is increasingly becoming known as “The World’s Greatest Hoax.” Obama’s intentions to go off to Copenhagen, pretending that “the science is settled,” is a political gaffe of enormous proportion. It puts whatever is left of his rapidly diminishing credibility at risk, as well as his agenda.

Most political disagreements are ideological and too complex to easily prove anything. Health care is a good example. It is ideological and many-faceted. There is no definitive way to “prove” that one side is right and the other wrong. In health care that was particularly evident as the objectives (”marketing’ to the public?) shifted as required. In situations like this, credibility is all important. “Can I trust what this man says?” becomes the measure that the public uses to support or reject these complex issues.

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