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Too Little Money or Too Much Life?

Too Little Money or Too Much Life?

healthy person imageshealthy before_and_after_smallA neat way to calculate your virtual age and expected life span

You can calculate your expected life span based on your life style. If you want to live longer, the link below will calculate how various changes will affect your expected life span.

Many of us are afraid we will outlive our money, so we change our investment strategies, usually taking on more risk than we are should. Often, this approach only exacerbates the wealth problem because the investor has gone beyond his level of competence. It also may add great stress to your remaining years. Fortunately, there is another approach.

Consider staying with your investment strategy and shortening your lifespan. Changing your lifestyle might be easier and more fun. Using the chart at the link below, you can compare the effects of  increased “sinning” on your expected life span. If you are afraid you will outlive your money, you can “sin” more until your expected life span coincides with your expected “run out of money” point. Much simpler strategy and probably a lot more fun.

The link is real and should be helpful. Most of the preceding comments were humor, the sick humor that only an economist aware of tradeoffs would engage in.

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